Our values are rooted in the commitment to respect the autonomy of every individual who is involved across the business processes and ensuring the availability of all resources that are required to design and produce jewellery that is defined by eco-consciousness and excellence.

  • Accelerate removal of hazardous chemicals
  • Recycle, reuse and remake
  • Create safer working environment for the health of the employees
  • Reduce carbon footprint with the aim of zero emissions
  • Use alternate means of energy in the creation process
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  • Ensure a fair and inclusive workplace for all
  • Develop forward thinking skill development activities
  • Drive continuous initiatives to include more women in our workforce
  • Provide professional counselling for career growth
  • Conduct recruitment drives for employment
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  • Abide by the code of conduct of the company
  • Build and follow ethical management practices
  • Implementing effective and appropriate decision making practices
  • Develop a fair and traceable supply chain
  • Verify the fair and accurate presentation of company information
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