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redefining tomorrow

Understanding that every employee in the organisation comes from different cultural sensibilities and backgrounds, we are trying to create a culture where everyone not only works collaboratively, they also feel like they actually belong.

Inclusive: We are continuously working towards building a today and tomorrow where everybody is involved in the process of designing, creating and innovating. Our human resource policies are and will continue to be aligned with the standards set by the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights as well as the International Labour Organisation.
Professional development: With a stringent adherence to identifying deserving individuals and providing them skill development opportunities which enables them to push the boundaries of their career, we aim to work towards dismantling the systemic cycle of socio-economic disadvantage that plagues the lives of those who are a part of our business process.
Lifestyle enhancement: All our efforts have been guided by keeping the community at our core; from conducting research to gauge the structural inequalities faced in the areas close to our factories and building in-house policies to tackle the same and providing counselling sessions which makes them realise that they can aim for and are indeed deserving of a better lifestyle, every action is motivated by creating a platform for holistic progress.
Equality: Slowly and steadily dismantling the notions that keep women out of the workforce, our organisation aims to engineer schemes and policies which will ensure that the majority of our workforce is women. In fact, our hiring practices are based on maintaining inclusive and diversity measures, which aims to have a framework that will enable us to incorporate women as functionaries across different spectrums of the business.