In an era of increased consumption consciousness; belongingness towards the planet and growing care for the workforces are becoming vital. The world is shifting its gear and steering towards jewellery that is redefined and crafted keeping in mind developmental measures that embrace the planet, sowing the seeds for an improved and sustainable future. These slow and steady actions have the Environmental, Social and Governance goals as their roadmap of progress. The ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) goals target on flourishing the environment, upgrading the workspace quality of the workers and standing by the government norms.

ESG goals are more than just accomplishments, they are the touch of innovations that bring an adaptive spirit to industries, enabling them to form concrete goals that facilitate meaningful and righteous growth in the terms of both the planet and its people. The same spirit of trending movements and shifting patterns echoed in the world of Gems and Jewelry. As a consequence, the jewellery manufacturing industry started to pursue crafting conflict-free, responsible and sustainable jewelry for the environmentally conscious consumers.

ESG Goals: Improving the jewellery manufacturing industry

ESG goals have ignited an evolution that has brought a change in the core of the jewelry manufacturing process, consequently resulting in stable, substantial, and sustainable jewelry.

Through the fleeting generations, people have always wanted to invest in jewellery that retains a timeless shine, eye-catching detailing and brilliant patterns. It echoed a high call for jewellery by the consumers in the jewellery manufacturing industry. This led to more gold-mining, chemical releases from production, labour exploitation and enlarged the existence of unethical practices in the industry.

With ESG goals now in the forefront, the practices are slowly being curbed. Especially by throwing the limelight on issues like biodiversity loss, social inequalities, climate change risk, and controversy over the formation of the blood diamonds and mining jewellery, these goals have helped formulate a path to overcome such issues and diminish their dreadful impacts. ESG goals formulate the proper measures and alternates for dismantling the concerned issues. It welcomes usage of affordable and clean energy, implementation of gender equality, climate change action and making of sustainable diamonds and jewelry. Therefore, ESG goals stand on a concrete ground and are potent enough to build the same for the industries.

The ways through which ESG goals unfold in the jewellery manufacturing industry:

  • 1) Environmental goal: This eco-friendly goal focuses on the replenishment of the resources that are usually consumed to ensure that they do not become extinct. They focus on reducing the unethical practices that are used to obtain the resources, which till now had led to changing patterns of climate, increased carbon emission and degrading the ecological lives. With the focus on the environmental goals, the jewelry manufacturing industry is slowly and steadily stepping towards the production of sustainable jewelry that are conflict-free. This involves slowly incorporating green and clean energy in the production process, implementing proper waste management practices and reducing carbon emission as much as possible to provide the consumers with the guilt-free jewelry with the best quality and shine that lasts forever
  • 2) Social goal: A healthy workforce consists of a decent workspace and welcoming environment. This means aligning the social goals of an organization in a manner that it maintains an atmosphere of gender equality, inclusivity, respecting the diverse social and economic backgrounds that people come from. It is about making a positive impact on the worker’s mind where they feel like they belong and that they are supported in their endeavours. Ultimately it is about boosting the potential of the workers and catapult their ability
  • 3) Governance goal: A better governance strategy fosters the economic growth of the industry. It elevates the overall performance of the business and brings more stability and productivity in the company. Ultimately, it unearths the fresh opportunities for better growth. So, as to have better growth in a more ethical and responsible manner, the jewelry manufacturing unit focuses to stick to the code of conduct of their companies. Moreover, it helps in maintaining the integrity and building a good reputation and image

Design Creation: Designing Today, Redefining Tomorrow with ESG Goals

Design Creation holds the values that commit to excellence, social-cultural impact and environment protection. It is efficiently planning to improve its jewelry manufacturing process and ways to align with the major ESG goals. It ensures the availability of all the resources that are required to design and produce the jewelry that are defined by eco-consciousness and excellence.

The environment goals:

Design Creation strives to integrate the idea of eliminating the unethical practices and taking up the sustainable measures of manufacturing the jewelry. We strongly believe in preserving the best quality, luster and craftsmanship in the jewelry without any compromise. Throughout the production process, we aim to stick to the ethical approach of production by using the responsibly sourced metals and diamonds of the highest quality. We also aim undertakes the usage of recycled materials in the jewelry making process which ultimately reduces the carbon emission and make it more nature-friendly.

The social goals:

For any organization to flourish, it must put its workforce at the best use which can be done by providing a decent workspace to the employees along. Therefore, Design Creation gives a healthy workspace to its employees where they find opportunities to attain the personal goals along with the organizational goals. We understand that the employees comes from different cultural sensibilities and backgrounds, hence, we wish to build a workplace where they feel that they belong and work collaboratively in the process of designing, creating and innovating. Our mission is to empower and encourage women to become a part of the productive workforce, to have them comprise a huge number in the organization. The hiring practices are also formulated in a manner that it creates platforms for lifestyle enhancement of the workers, providing them with a space for the personal growth have always been on their mind.

The governance goals:

Design Creation abides by the code of conduct of their company that are grounded in the roots of ethics and integrity. The top management consists of leaders who ensures transparency, representativeness and appropriate governance across every level of the hierarchy. The organization ensures to develop a fair, traceable supply chain and follow ethical management practices always.

ESG goals therefore are about creating creates a win-win situation for the environment as well as the jewellery manufacturing industry. The jewelry manufacturing industry is slowly transforming in a manner that it caters to the environmental, social and governance goals and Design Creation aims to lead the path in this transformation by having transparency and reliability at the core of all its functions.