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The jewellery making process at our organisation is one which is not just committed to the quality of the design piece but also the uncompromisable practices which go into the making of the accessory.

Consumption: An integral part of our ecological and economic responsibility towards the issues plaguing the planet is to improve the measurements of consumption and thereby implement solutions for reduction. We aim to reduce industrial water in alignment to meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Manufacturing: In our production process, we are slowly moving towards using materials that come from natural and renewable sources, thereby minimising production waste and making our process more environment friendly.
Transparency: We also demand full transparency from our suppliers too, to have a clear chain of sustainable accountability. The aim is to maintain the entire value chain for high-quality raw materials that respect the local environment and ecosystems.
Low carbon emission: Pioneering the utilisation of technology that aims to reduce carbon emission in the jewellery making process, our organisation aims to adopt practices that will allows us to increase the use of recycled content.
Energy efficient: We are in a constant pursuit to find and use alternative and renewable sources of energy that will increase our environmental efficiency across all design making processes.
Apart from this planned initiatives at the production and organisational level, we also aim to structure an eco-action booklet which will be provided to the employees across all verticals so that they are also in tune with our environmental initiatives.