In a world that is ever-changing and employing reforms with the evolving time, one of the industries that produces the oldest types of archaeological artefact- the jewellery manufacturing industry had also slowly and steadily walked towards adopting policies and practices that is reworking the jewellery making process for the holistic betterment of the planet as well as the people.

Challenges challenging the jewellery industry

From many years the jewellery industry was inclined towards practices which were not conducive to the health of our environment. The fine jewellery crafted with metals, shining gemstones and the minerals were all dug out from the earth’s mantle with the usage of mining process; a process that leaves detrimental scars behind that takes a long time for healing. As a result, the gem and jewellery industry started undertaking this process more frequently than what falls within the regenerating capacity of our environment. Also, the microscopic dust from the gem cutting and polishing, biodiversity loss from extraction techniques, chemical releases from leaching of gold and other issues started accumulating hazard for the workers. As such, with growing consciousness and the sudden realization of the need to protect the earth brought the jewellery manufacturing industry under scrutiny.

The industry too realized the role it has to play in protecting the environment and started modifying the ways of making jewellery. It aimed at working on jewellery crafted using sustainable methods and practices, approaches which are a combination of ethical practices and renewable resources. The jewellery now is being slowly created by undertaking environmental-friendly activities and responsible ways to procure the renewable materials that diminish the fatal impacts on the environment to a great extent. This also includes having a more transparent supply chain for the jewellery being manufactured which never compromises on the quality as well as commitment to excellence.

Design Creation and its vision for sustainable earth

Design Creation is one of the leading names in the jewellery manufacturing industry that believes in designing today with the sustainable practices of jewellery manufacturing and redefining tomorrow by ensuring the protection of the earth as well as the people in it. We have a long-term vision for bringing exceptional jewellery which are made using renewable resources and reduces the carbon footprints. It incorporates innovative jewellery making that preserves the exquisite craftsmanship as well as the attention to detail while placing ethics at the core of business conduct.

Our vision paints a vivid picture of making jewellery that is committed to excellence with ethically sourced jewellery materials while utilizing cutting-edge technology for our jewellery production. We aim to adopt practices that replaces the mining process and also its unfavorable impacts that inevitably come as its by-products. Moreover, since there has always been the concern of natural mining of jewellery causing a threat to the life of workers and their families, a shift to sustainability means a step towards avoiding such dreadful circumstances. It generates a social-cultural impact on the environment; an improved and better work system that is human right and recourse centric.

The changing ethos of the jewellery manufacturing industry majorly integrates the commitment of protecting the environment; to make jewellery by opting for newer and better practices and technologies that make a safe space for a healthy environment.

The mission is to craft superlatively designed jewellery that takes care of both- our environment and consumers. This means designing, manufacturing and producing jewellery that has lesser environmental emission, reduced carbon footprint, minimal waste generation and every other consequence that has so long hampered the health of the very earth that we live in. Our very vision right now is to craft jewellery utilizing renewable sources of energy, alternate elements and produce timeless pieces of elegant accessories which also own the accolade of being ethical and planet-friendly jewellery.