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“Excellence led by experience” Values that glitter and trust that dazzles form the very foundation of one of the finest and the most experienced diamond houses in India, the Davariya Brothers. After gaining all the expertise and knowledge about the market trends in the diamond industry, Davariya Brothers started exploring the retail markets in the field of diamond jewellery. The years of experience in the diamond market led to the birth of DESIGN CREATION.

Design Creation already has its presence on a PAN India level through selected retail distribution channels. Our designs are supplied to more than 500 jewellery outlets in around 25 cities, all over the Country.

The diamond jewellery market is very dynamic; global and domestic trends change very frequently. Design Creation has a team of 20 highly skilled designers that is constantly monitoring these trends in jewellery designing to give the most innovative and spectacular designs. Our research & development department ensures that all the processes are technologically upgraded and that same quality standards are maintained for each diamond.

We are known for providing uncompromised quality at affordable prices. Continuous improvement is a habit at DESIGN CREATION, which has made us stand amongst one of the best diamond jewellery makers.

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