4C'S of Diamond


The sole purpose of jewellery is to enhance your outward appearance. It beautifies beauty. If the design of any piece of jewellery is not appealing enough then why will anyone spend their hard-earned money on it? The design should portray uniqueness, grace and elegance.


Diamonds are known to be everlasting. The right quality diamonds not just last forever but they shine forever.


Despite being a part of the industry where the competition is extremely aggressive, we still provide you with the most affordable prices. Our processes and workflows are well-managed so as to give our excellent productivity at least cost.


Time is given utmost importance at Design Creation. We provide timely service as we understand the significance of your time.


The radiance and dispersion of a diamond depend on the manner it is cut and polished. Any flaw in the proportion or the symmetry in which the diamond has been cut will have an adverse effect on its appearance. Each diamond has to be cut with precision. Accurate mathematical proportions are applied which cause the light falling on the diamond to come out in a scattered and vibrant display of colors.


Carat is the weight of a diamond. One carat is equal to 0.2 grams or 100 points or 200 milligrams. Price of a diamond varies with its weight.


The diamond’s clarity decides its grade. The nature of the internal characteristics of a diamond along with its size and proportion should be carefully observed. Highly skilled and experienced gemologists are required to analyze each stone with a 10x loupe. Only if there are no flaws found under the 10x magnification, the diamond can be said to be timelessly radiant. This is the biggest test of clarity.


Diamonds usually range from being colorless to yellow. There is an internationally accepted master set of stones, and each diamond is submitted so as to rank them in a particular grade. The colorless diamonds are graded as D, these are the most precious and sought-after stones. Z grade is granted to the yellowiest diamonds. Depending on the color, diamonds are ranked between D and Z. D to F are completely colorless, G to H are fairly colorless, and J to Z have the yellowish shade, which is visible to the naked eye. Apart from these 4Cs, DQPS is the most important factor that dominates the diamond industry. DPQS stands for Design, Quality, Price, and Service.

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